Many Settings Still Unfixed

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Problem: [ Bug ]
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I had hoped that with some 7 months worth of backlogged fixes all together in one patch that some or all of these issues would have been fixed. I know that issues are supposed to be reported individually in seperate bug reports. However many users including myself have reported these both seperately AND together for quite literally years now. So I am just going to put them all together here in a checklist. So lets run through the list.

1) Adjust GUI Safe Area: this needs to be readjusted manually every time we die, fast-travel, or log into the server, otherwise the buff & debuff icons are half off the screen, and are overlapped by the hunger and thirst meters.

2) Show Contextual Controls: this setting can be unchecked, however it will not save upon server log off. As such it must be re-disabled every time we log onto the server. People have been reporting this for over 2 years now.

3) Aim Mode Right Stick Sensitivity: much like the aforementioned contextual controls, this setting does not save upon server log off, and must be manually readjusted every time we log in.

4) Show Landclaim Notifications: while this setting can be checked and saved, we still never recieve landclaim notifications. I cannot remember the last time I felt like a badass by being greeted by the ‘Now entering lands ruled by …’ sign. I really miss this.

5) Nudity: yes I know this has been reported. But this is a checklist of broken settings and that is what it is. So it gets an honourable mention on the list. ‘Full’ nudity can no longer be enabled. The option no longer even exists in the drop down box; both in-game AND in the main menu of the game. Only the ‘none’ and ‘partial’ options remain.

Folks I completely understand that we have to triage fixes based on their severity and urgency. But some of these issues have been present for a really, REALLY long time now.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Download the Update 2.3
  2. See if these settings have finally been fixed
  3. Report that they havent been

Same. I’m so tired getting to the settings first thing after launching the game. Every single time.

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Yeah me too 3LION. It is not like we have not been patient in regards to these. But some of them like the aforementioned show contextual controls have been like this for around ~2.5 years now. Its time to tackle that checklist.

For funcom’s statement, see also


Forgive the bump, but is there a fix planned for these settings?

Hey @Croms_Faithful

We’ve sent a reminder to our team about these issues.
Regarding future reports, could you break them down into separate posts so we can track them more easily?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hey there Ignasis. I have reported them separately in the past, which is largely why I just packaged them into a single report this time. Well that and the fact that they all fell under the ‘Settings’ category, I felt like I would be burdening you all with 5 different reports. However, if you would prefer that I stuck with the individual report format into the future, then I am happy to do so. No worries. :smiley:

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Yes, if the old report thred is closed and the issue still persist it is okay to open a new thread. If it’s different issues, a thread for each one does help us and our team to track them.
Here are the guidelines we recommend when reporting an issue:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Absolutely no problems my good fellow. It shall be done! :metal:


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