8 months of nothing for this. Nudity, contextual text and menu exiting bugged

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Region: [ oceanic ]
Hardware: [ PS4 slim ]

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Bug 1. Nudity still missing full option.
Bug 2. Contextual text reverting to on. I have to turn it off every time.
Bug 3. Menus beyond buggy especially on exiting. Have to press exit 10000 times before it actually exits.

Your advertising the isle after 8 months of nothing and even break the game and expect me to pay for it. No fix the game then i will pay,


Careful mate funcom blocked me from posting for 24 hours.

I was writing all the same things you are

Nudity is stated return next patch… theres plently of things that need fixing, soooooo you know. Don’t expect next patch to magically drop soon, or with nudity by itself (I feel like we should be getting one soon…)

#2, Been reported, along with other options that don’t stick or work. (aim adjustment setting reseting, god life timers yada yada) Crom faithful has thread discussing i think most of them but Aim adjustment)