Too many bug reports with female breasts displayed, so now you take it completely out?

Game mode: [offline| Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: North America


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

This just screams “flag my post”. I personally have seen no bug reports with breasts - so…maybe I’m too late, don’t know.

Could you please, at least for your fellow exiles, explain what exactly has been removed or that you can’t post?
The posts you’re talking about may have been moved for eg. being off-topic; please try to search for them. (Breasts shouldn’t be flagged nor removed for being inappropiate…it’s 18+…)
If it is something you are trying to post, note that new members don’t have all permissions.

I had to elaborate a bit because I find it obvious that there shouldn’t be a problem here. I would like to kindly ask you to let me know what exactly the problem is and who/what became the victim of this.
Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the somewhat over the top post :sweat_smile:

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Go in Settings(not server setting, just regular options), Gameplay tab, then allow partial nudity. Try that and let me know what happens.

I have heard that partial nudity wasnt able to be ‘chosen’ from someone…is that something alike? Like, you get either no or full nudity but not in between?

Or are there just no breasts?

Didnt think many people would get it.

When you report bugs on a ps4 there is an option to send video/pictures along with the report. My guess, from a recent call to them, is that they get something along those lines with bug reports.

The option is there at character creation and in gameplay settings in game but they do nothing.

Mhm. You aren’t being totally clear but I understand that it concerns the same thing.

Sadly, there are no gamefiles on ps4 which you could try to adjust - so, I hope this will be fixed soon(Meanwhile I failed replying to the other, related ps4 post…sigh)

Yeah, sorry. Didn’t really make this post to report anything. More like a passive aggressive means of complaining about yet another core feature gone. Sadly because it is nudity, and nudity in america is taboo, sometimes even considered lecherous, this probably isn’t a worthy topic or issue to fix.

Yea, I could understand that.

Naked people are not the problem in the world - guns and war are a problem.

Might be an American thing. Still got boobies in the UK :wink:

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But naked people don’t make as much money as guns and war…

Nudity is a core feature?
I’ve been so disillusioned…
I thought it was a survival, building type game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually they marketed the game with ‘anatomically correct’ physics :rofl:

Dude this is just Minecraft with boobies :slight_smile: :joy:

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