Fall Nudity still not back up on PS4 International version

It been a month since the Fall Nudity was disabled. Is it going to be fix in the next hotfix ?

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As said elsewhere, it’s set to be fixed in next update. Hopefully a hotfix comes soon. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes another month. There’s apparently textures bugs and such so they’ll probably be busy fixing a myriad of issues. I myself won’t be booting up the game until all this is ironed out even if it takes the whole summer… = (


Via Ignasis
The fix for nudity disabled on regions where it was available before 2.3 is completed internally. However, due to how the certification process works, it most likely won’t be available in the 2.4 initial update for PS4 as that version had to be sent in advance to be able to meet the release date.
If that’s the case, it will come with the first patch/hotfix after the initial release.

I can’t get it quote it for some reason…

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Australia still has no “full nudity” in Single player and online game.

Game keeps crashing while im walking around exploring.

Admin panel wont spawn several items into the game(weapons and armour)

This all makes me think i should stop supporting and buying “add-ons and future DLC’s” if you can’t even fix minor issues and bugs.


Yep this is BS 8+ months of nothing then they expect us to pay 30bucks for a DLC while nudity still broken contextual text still broken and menus are lagging. Not good enough.


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Full nude is still bugged after todays 27.05.2021 ps4 1.66 Isles of Siptha update

it is still only none & partially available


Same here

Same in AU. Don’t buy the DLC until they fix it. Nudity still broken, contextual text still broken.


Greetings everyone,

We are currently looking into this issue so thank you for being patient with us.

In the meantime could you please provide us with some additional information?

  • Have you purchased a digital or physical game copy?
  • What region are you playing from?
  • Are you only seeing the options None and Partial under Nudity? Easiest way to see this would be in single player.

Its a joke. Siptah out and no fix. I refuse to buy it until this is resolved. Everyone should as well


I’m with you. Such a disappointment to turn on now.


• Digital copy
• EU
• When in game settings (no matter what I play, SP or MP) only None and Partial option are present. When in Admin panel, server settings tab, all three options are there, but even if I set Full Nudity for the server in SP, the game still shows None or Partial in settings options (and there is a note that the maximum nudity set for the server if Full).

Hope this will help.

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Got some additional information from our Dev team.

The nudity fix did not make it into 2.4.4 but it will be added in our next update for PlayStation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Community support claims that the fix will be the next update…

Why should we believe anything you say when we’ve heard that before…

The nudity in the game is the only reason ALOT of us play.
If you’ve taken it out completely, stop wasting our time so we can move on to bigger and better games.

Cause everyone is getting sick of your delays and lie’s.


Assuming that the problem internally has already been fixed for a while, please don’t wait weeks to release the hotfix. We are waiting months for a problem that does not seem to me to be so impossible to solve


Yup this is pretty ridiculous really… I actually thought that Funcom was a developer that really gives a sh*t about its audience and I’ve even publicly (on YouTube) used them as an example of a company that still regularly supports its games with decent content compared to the likes of Rockstar games, but I’ve just made myself look dumb in doing so… I mean this “unintentional” bug should never have been present in the first place as it should have been picked up on BEFORE any updates/fixes were rolled out… and the fact that it STILL hasn’t been fixed is just lazy. And yeah, many Conan players play this game because it has the full nudity option in it and that’s part of the selling point being that Conan is a progressive thinking game in that regard. Imagine if you logged in to Red Dead online or GTA and found that the latest update had disabled gender selection and reverted your character to whatever default gender Rockstar selected as the “norm”. You wouldn’t be happy about it would you and you would want a fix ASAP because it takes away a choice you should have within the game. Get it together FUNCOM and get a fix for this yesterday!!! :point_right::dizzy_face:

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Playing in Australia, no option for “full” anywhere. Downloaded game from ps store.
Please act quickly, in a world of lockdowns and restrictions this really feels like yet another freedom being taken from us, in our own homes.


I’m “holding on for a hero”, but perhaps they don’t give “10 s***’s”( :male_detective:).

Tbh, have grown to not gaf either way nudity full thru none but, if a title, whether game/movie or any artwork is released/presented a certain way and in this case has the “Balls” to do so then I have to say FUNCOM! " Drop the balls once mo’again"!!!

Im hope you fix nudity soon) Because of this bug im not see my beautiful ass)

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