Will full nudity be restored with 2.4 update?

I read that 2.4 will fix a ton of bugs, do you know if there will also be full nudity among them?


Wish I knew, supposedly working on it.

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Hey @Johnthebuilder

The fix for nudity disabled on regions where it was available before 2.3 is completed internally. However, due to how the certification process works, it most likely won’t be available in the 2.4 initial update for PS4 as that version had to be sent in advance to be able to meet the release date.
If that’s the case, it will come with the first patch/hotfix after the initial release.


I understand thanks for the reply

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Puts Tin Foil Hat On

So, to have a Nice release of Ilse of Siptih, You have Nudity off, so no one has issue with Wee’We’s Hanging about. =p

He He He He. XD


Uh…Oh…k, hope it gets re-implemented, is one of the many things that sets this game from the crowd.

Thank you

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I bought the adult rated game as an adult , where the hell is my nudity. You have all of my money for all of the add ons and the main game at original prices and now you stuff up a game that I used to enjoy. Not happy at all. Very unlikely to support any more of your games.

Y en que parte de la 2.3 se dijo que se fuera a desabilitar o modificar alguna cosa sobre algo que exite desde el primer dia que se lanzo el juego y nunca dio problemas… no entiendo como ahora esta deshabilitado si supuestamente no se a tocado nada para las actualizaciones y ahora tengamos que esperar 2, 3 o quien sabe si 1año para volver a tener cosas tan simples que siempre funcionaron bien. Y mientras los server oficiales JCe.C sigen offf… hay cosas bsstante importantes que el maldito siptah y nuevas actualizaciones… pero claro mientras en PC todo funcione y los mod sigan creando cosas y manteniendo server online… Funcom se dedica a hacer stream y decir que gran juego, todo colorido y bonito… y el 27 esperan €€€€£££$$$ mientras el juego está totalmente roto.

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