I am afraid its censorship

After 2 weeks of having lost full nudity option in EU servers I can only say I am afraid its just censorship, otherwise why does it take so long to fix?
To be honest, in my oppinion, the game since the last patch has turned into caos.
Thralls are no longer useful, stamina and health works funny, feeding is awful, usual bugs are still around and the most important problem for pvpers “hackers” that have invaded all the servers run around freely .
Hackers killed AOC pvp and they are doing the same with exiles, was does funcom do: nothing.


All the patches have to go through Sony certification. So they will make as many repairs as they can and send them at one time. Not like pc hot fixes


There are things that are bugs and bugs in the update, but the resistance and health is an intentional change, as well as the combat that also changes and other things that are part of the changes that the developers are implementing in the game.

Funcom has stated that this is not an intended change, and that the team is looking into it. Given it was reported early after Update 2.3, and by multiple actors, hopefully a fix for it will be included in the new hotfix, which is already in the works. I have also reported this in a bug thread of my own where I have compiled all problematic Settings together.

For now lets just wait and see how the chips fall with the hotfix.


Regarding nudity, see the reply below:

The above reply does not state an ETA. This means they currently can’t provide one, not that the issue will not be fixed eventually.

It’s very likely this is a high priority issue and will get fixed as soon as possible as mentioned above.

Good lord, can you calm down a bit? They’ve stated multiple times this was completely unintentional.

Patches, even small ones, require Sony’s approval before going live. That’s why 2.3 took so long - they wanted to patch some other issues alongside it. And regarding this, they’re working on a hotfix.

You’ll live without full nudity for a little while longer.

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