Pet in follow mode dies when using elevator

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug

Lost 2 camels and a wolf to this bug. Please fix!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Put pet into follow mode
  2. Ride up elevator
  3. Check event log
  4. Cry

Same thing has happened with thralls since launch. It’s best to just leave them to wait near the elevator and then come back for them.

It’s a known bug yes.

Workaround: Carry (pick up)thralls, pets when in the elevator. Try to hold it centered on you (so mid elevator floor)and not swerve around the scenery with its image as it can dislodge then and still die.

If ur elevator ride is particularly long though, at least in the past it would kill the thrall and the event log would say “error tried to move to thrall too far” or something and then the thrall would just vanish and be killed lol so be wary. Not sure at all if that’s been fixed since it was never mentioned in any patch notes.

Atm “To far” results in "returning home"as far as ive noticed yesterday.

(but no experience in a long elevator situation)

That’s good to know, should work in an elevator situation too then

I lost my pet for using horizontal elevator on tall hill. It just disappered.
When I ride up vertical evelator with thrall who fainted away, he died cause sandwiched between in elevator.

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