Pet/mount won't eat, resulting in bad leveling


And if they don’t level up in Vit, you should kick them twice.


Oh :frowning:
Will I become a monster doing this?
Oh wait… I’m already a monster with my slaves :smiling_imp:

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i guess you could say that it is an okay workaround until a proper bug fix can be issued, yeah

tbh i used to be averse to enslaving people because of the moral implications but i see now how necessary it is… survival of the fittest ig

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i imagine people would probably riot if followers gained the ill effects that players do from drinking booze

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I don’t think so (I hope).
People probably would find it funny, and not gamebreaking, critical, etc. Aaaaand at some day a wild patch just WHOOSH would get rid of it (flying rhinos khmm.).

I still miss the flying rhinos…
But at least the new rocknoses fly a bit :slight_smile:

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Do they?
I only saw elephants and dragons (they are great flyers when they do the 360 tail swipe attack when killed) drinking Redbull. Probably because I just pass the rocknoses, I don’t need their stone. :grin:

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I’ve definitely managed a few reasonable launches, particularly with high strength and a two-handed hammer (they get this hilariously cross-eyed look as the fly away after being one-shotted between the eyes :smiley: ) - never quite the height that the rhinos used to be able to get, but still decent sometimes.

Yeah, I’d forgotten about the dragons, I definitely got a few good launches off the Red Mother when I was farming her on Siptah :smiley:

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edit: update 2.6 is out but i dont see anything a bug fix for this issue. can anyone confirm?

No mention in the patch notes that I could see - and no change that I noticed on testlive or live. I’m sure they’ll get to it in due course (at least if we keep pressure on :wink: ), but in the meantime just try to keep in mind that followers stats don’t really matter that much - I know it’s frustrating in the meantime, but I’m confident there will be a change eventually.

yeah im sure they will and im not trying to rush anything
eh yeah ill learn to live with it until then

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And, in the meantime, we can still keep a bit of pressure on by posting from time to time :slight_smile: (I try to view it like the thrall perks thing - an annoyance that must surely change at some point - but I have no idea how complicated it might be to actually do). Lot’s of things with this game we learn to live with, lol - but we put up with them because of how great it is overall :slight_smile:

the game isnt without its issues but the setting and gameplay more than make up for it in my eyes
and uh, are we allowed to post about it again? not too sure how things work here so forgive the stupid question

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Sorry, been away from internet for a couple of days, or would have replied sooner.
‘I don’t know’ is the most honest answer I can give (showing it’s not a stupid question, at least IMO). But just by having this conversation, we’re still keeping the thread alive, which can’t be a bad thing (threads tend to auto-close if there are no posts within a time period (I believe it’s 7 days)). At the moment, this thread is marked as ‘Report-received’, so Funcom is aware of the issue and (hopefully) looking into it. The way I see it, while this thread’s still live, we probably don’t need another one - though it would be good if other people bothered by this issue felt like adding their opinions. But, if this thread closes (and it will at some point - even if just because you and I run out of comments to add, lol), and there’s no sign of any change, then I’d say it’s fine for us to open a new thread on the matter at some point.

I guess it comes down to personal judgement on the difference between making sure an issue doesn’t get forgotten and spamming the forums with multiple threads saying the same thing. So long as things stay reasonable, I doubt there’d be any problem with a new thread on the issue replacing this one in due course. I’d probably give them a bit of time before raising it again, especially since it has been marked as received, but I see nothing wrong with a reminder (and this is all just personal opinion :slight_smile: )

i see, that clarifies it. thanks a bunch
hopefully they are looking into it and we won’t need a new thread for a while

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Hopefully :slight_smile: (Although, I’ve already seen a horse fail to eat after levelling (and gaining vit) since 2.7 released, so I guess it’s not fixed yet. But then, no mention was made in the patchnotes of having fixed it, so that’s to be expected.)

2.8 is out and still no fix. this should be high priority

edit: i didnt realize the first comment was already set as a reply lol

Just another bug that screws players that Funcom lets fester for months and months and… is this one going to join the “Years” club too?