Thralls and consumables

Game mode: [ Online private]
Type of issue: [ Bug Misc]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]
No mods on server.
Give a thrall any type of food/Aloe leaves/Mitra Essence to carry and it vanishes.

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1.Take thrall/bearer out foraging
2.pass them stack of Aloe leaves/food/meat raw or cooked/essence for mitra shrine etc vanishes

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That’s because thrall’s instantly eat any and all food you put into their inventory.

Apparently, Mitra Essence are edible. Time to roleplay Soul Reaver. :smiley:

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They eat even raw meat. It seems to me that Pets don’t eat cooked food - but I’m afraid that Thralls will eat Plant Fiber and Wood some day. I keep a Thrall Pot full of ordinary food for them and do give them their preferred food every time I take one of them to follow me! They are not hungry, just greedy! :rage:

So miss that game!!!

Ghanimede, the above posters are correct, but did not fully answer your concern. Let me try to alleviate it.

The requirement to feed companions (pets/thralls) was removed a few updates back. Companions no longer die if not fed. Instead, they will disappear if you do not log in for a period of time, as determined in your server settings. You can view that through the settings menu.

The feeding mechanism is now a buff. If you feed a companion an item on their preferred list, they get a +25% offensive buff for a period of time. If you feed them an item not on their list, they receive a 10% offensive buff. The food is (for the most part) immediately consumed and that is why it seems as if the food disappears.

Once in combat, look at their health bar. Above and on the left, you will see a raised fist that denotes that buff. Someone here knows how long that lasts, I do not, sorry.

So, the devs replaced a stick with a carrot. No longer is it a penalty, but a benefit. You experienced the side effect of that benefit. Giving food for a companion to carry appears to destroy it, but is actually being used to help defend you.

So, as to your problem, there are new rules. Never try to get a companion to carry your food, but use him for the heavier stuff, rock, iron, wood, foundations, etc. Be aware of the food your companion will eat since it varies. There are herbivores in the game now. The way to test it is give him one piece and see if it sticks or disappears. Over a short period of time you will find out which companions will carry what type of food without eating it.

Regards, and best of game


Thank you Jim, that was a great explanation and I will look for the buff indicator next time.

I wonder if they should be eating full stacks instantly though or aloe leaves and mitra shrine essence, would be nice if the list could be tightened up a bit to not include Ingredients, and surely essence needs a reclassification.
For the record I didn’t really want him to carry the leaves and essence, I was going a bit click happy when moving stone and ore over and oops they were insta gone.

thx again for the help

Good point about the things they eat and do not eat, but I fear it is beyond my capabilities, and doubt if that would be something the devs would share. Open world, exploration, discovering new things, creating solutions, that’s what, to me, makes the game fun :slight_smile:



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