Picking Locks and lock quality tiers

It’s been mentioned before, but lockpicking (for doors, chests, cupboards, etc.) would allow for a whole style of game play that is currently not available. Thieves, assassins, etc., would have more options for plying their craft than just full-blown raiding that requires blowing up doors and structures during raids times.

Locks could go up in quality with the tier of the door, chest, or cabinet – or be independently crafted variables.

Also, “breaking in” a door should be an option short of using orbs / explosives as well. If the door is Tier 1 it might require a certain strength, or a certain amount of damage with an appropriate weapon or tool (like an axe). If it’s Tier 2 or 3 it should be a lot harder, perhaps impossible without lockpicks.

Perhaps lockpicking would require a trainer, and specialized tools that you can’t usually access early on. But mid to late game it could be a nice option short of total obliteration of people’s doors and walls with the “nuke” option.


Also, related to this, but slightly different: the ability for Clans to set different levels of permission for opening doors and locked chests. This would allow Clans to have common areas, and private areas, for officers’ and leader quarters / vaults that are off limits to initiates and lower ranks – to allow for trust-building, as well as for truly private bedrooms/beds for all Clan mates.

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