Ping is suddenly too high to play

I play on official server 1821. I don’t know whats going on but the server’s ping is all over the place during the evenings (probably 10pm to 2am EST). The ping will constantly jump from 160 to 230 according to the server list. Due to this I am not able to play on the server at these times, as the game thinks my ping is too high. During all other hours of the day I have a consistent ping between 60 and 70. This has happened several times now, a few days in a row and not only to me. If I stay logged in, it doesn’t effect me at all.

its a select few servers that are targetted

what do you mean targetted?

1516 is targetted as well.
last week i checked a few servers and not all the servers were under ddos. i checked 1516 1518 and 1517. only 1516 and 1518 were sick ping. i run on 450mbps

oh okay, so this is just a ddos attack. That is quite unfortunate.

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