What's up with this suddenly high ping

Beginning yesterday I have not been able to log on, the official server has too high of a ping. This is at various times of the day and goes between 120-190. Server #1656. Anyone else having this issue?

Same, every single EST server is 200+ normally it is 70-120

Not sure whats going on.

To quote Ignasis via another thread.

2 days ago #1507 ping went from it’s average 104 to well over 200. How do I check in on my stuff if I can’t get online?

Yeah, I work for a web-based software company, I’ve definitely been made aware of that lol… It’s just odd it only started yesterday. Also, East coast server, and I live on the east coast, and after work/school hours which is when I’d expect the most traffic due to all the video conferencing/schooling/ect. Also, it is only on official servers from what I see.

im from 1094, everytime when i respawn i have ping 1020 and crash server. Not only i have this problem. Some of my teammates cant join server, because its starting to lagg because of high ping, and server disconnects them. Others players also have problems with ping when they are teleporting or respawn.

official 1506 is hovering around 626-680 when trying to log in. Been that way all day. If you get to log in it gets laggy within about an hour of play.

Are there service attacks going on by bored people or what?

I have 1020 ping after every respawn at base, after every suicide or teleporting. And this crash my server every 10 min. I played on 1094 almost year every day, and for now I must stop because it’s unplayable. Funcom didn’t answer me, I don’t know what to do with this problem…

If you DM’d them they are likely looking into it (it will likely be tomorrow before you get an answer due to the weekend) and will probably respond when they have the best answer for you. There is a pretty heavy load on the servers from people being at home due to world events and thats just the non-nefarious side of things.

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