Ping is to High. Wont le me log on to server

So the past 2 days I haven’t been able to log on to the server I play on. Because in the server list it says the ping is to high to log on to. It also says that 0 players are on, although I know some fiends are online. At some casses is says ping is ???. WTH is going on?

I have nearly the same. As i started the ‘isle’ first i used the server with lowest ping (about 30 for me)… clear. Now veryvery often the ping is 5-6 times higher than the first time, more than 140. My experience is momentary, that the ping only changes, or changes faster if i restart the game and then if have luck to be low enough. But it is surely not something ‘common’ .

Same issue here, can’t play on any official server for Siptah ping is too high…

I own all dlc i love this game but i think i will refund siptah can’t play it

EDIT : After 2h or tryng to join an official server i gave up i refund this DLC (i can watch netflix in 4k without any issue)

so I found a way. but it still sucks. If I refresh the serverlist I comes back with better ping numbers. However. It takes about 5 mins for the browser to allow me to pres refresh. It just keeps loadning. At some point it stops loading and then you can refresh. Still sucks!

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