Ping issue with 2802 - 400 to 800 ping for 2 weeks!

Hello I play on Xbox server 2802 since the game released, I have never had trouble with the connection on my server until this past 2 weeks. My ping connection is usually around 45-60 but now it has been 450-800 and I have not been able to play for 2 weeks, I can load into the server sometimes but when I do I cannot move it do anything I just run in place and rubber band around. We have had about 15 people report this and we haven’t gotten any response. Please help us!

Game mode: Online
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Hey there,

Official or dedicated?

You will not get any personal replies for server issue reports. Server maintenance is done on the backend and server issues can occur frequently.

Persisting server issues may be caused by

  • DDoS
  • a physical server / database center requiring maintenance (this is not immediately looked into by server hosting companies, as it costs time and money to contact technicians etc.) or
  • too many placeables, large buildings etc.
  • bad connection clientwise;
    – what is the distance between you and the server (region)?
    – are you using cable or wi-fi?
    – how strong is your connection? (run a speedtest online)

Please note that due to the current situation, there’s high strain on servers. Funcom is working with GPortal to upgrade hardware on Official servers, but it takes time to deploy this across the board.

I assume you and others have reported this using the method provided on this wiki page.

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