Pippi mod - musiqbox steps that worked for me

So i really really really:) wanted to be able to put some localized music in my base. I found musiqbox from Pippi, but i couldnt make it work, the tutorials seemed flimsy and out of date.
So i have played abit with this and since it took me a while to figure it out, I am sharing here , maybe it can help somebody:
1-There is a video by the pippi dev Conan Exiles - Pippi - MusiqBox Streaming Youtube Method - YouTube which is mostly good (no s**t since its the author lol) , but the method for streaming the music is no longer valid since podsync.net is gone.
2-So what I have tested is what you really need is mp3 streamed via http, so you got a few easy options:
3-If its only localy or even on the net but you know what port forwarding is, you can set up apache http server (professional IT knowledge not needed,average computer know how will be enough )
3a)-Start the apache server , create a folder in “C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps” (your own inst path) , for example “music”
3b)- copy the mp3 (as example lets say its fire.mp3) into the new “music” folder
3c)- Test: go to http://localhost:8080/music/fire.mp3 in your browser, the music should start playing.
4- You can now use it if you playing locally, in your LAN.Just copy the link into musicbox
5-If you want to play on the net, you need to forward the needed apache ports on the router.(should be in documentation)
6- The other way is to just host the files on one of the file hosting services with direct links.
7- You can test it the same way and use the link the same way.

Worked for me , both locally (used the apache server) and on the net (used file hosting)
Cheers, hope it helps somebody.


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