Player having trouble dying Vanir armor

I have a weird issue with one of my players on our server. She made the flawless heavy Vanir tasset, and when she goes to dye it, only one color slot shows up for her. She had to pass it off to me, along with white dye, so I could dye the fur part white. She relogged, the server has rebooted since, and she even made a new tasset. But she only sees the first color slot for that piece. The rest of the Vanir set shows up fine. Anyone ever hear of this or how to get around it?

I’ve had the same issue with Vanir heavy tassets. The only luck I’ve had accessing all four dye slots was with an epic flawless set. All the other sets have also only given me one slot, usually the white slot.

You or your friend could always post a bug report. I’ve been considering it, but my phone has issues posting new topics.

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