Exceptional & Flawless Vanir Settlers Tasset not showing up on character & Dye button not there

Game mode: Singleplayer PC SP PVP
Problem: Misc
Region: US

Exceptional & Flawless Vanir Settlers Tasset / skirt is not showing up when character is wearing them. The Dye button is also missing from those two items.

I uninstalled CE and deleted all folders in Steam. Hoping to get my rain back on my server. Installed Conan Exiles and wait for one and 1/2 days before the game is ready to be played…not your fault, my bandwidth just is sad right now. Getting upgrade but not finished until later this month.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Admin spawn items, exceptional / flawless Vanir settlers skirt / tasset. I also crafted these with a Nordheimer armorer.
  2. Place into character inventory slot for legs
  3. Run around naked below the waist
  4. Check for Dye button, not there.

They also seem to make head slot item disappear when first equipped.

Oh I have seen that too, but you just un-equip and re-equip any piece of armor don’t you? Kind of confirms some kind of bugh is there huh…