Player list still invisible even if Vocal Visibility Duration is tweaked

Game mode:Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: [US Eastern]
Server: Revival RP

The player list bug continues to plague the server. Settings were changed an applied and tweaked dozens of times with Vocal Visibility Duration to either one or zero which was suggested as a fix by other forums. Tried every single point value to one hundred and nothing fixes it even if its saved. Lost dozens of players and newcomers due to this bug because nobody likes hidden player lists.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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can you check please if you have the line exactly like this in your serversetting.ini file?


don’t leave anything out of it.
0 = it’s deactivated, 1 or bigger it’s activated


Hey @Davies677

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Make sure the following line is correctly added in ServerSettings.ini:



I apologize for not mentioning this, this issue is on xbox and I cannot access the .ini file.

We’re moving then the thread to its corresponding subsection.
If on Xbox, then from G-Portal’s webadmin panel, go to Configuration files (on the left menu), select ServerSettings.ini and add the line there if it’s not already present. If present, make sure the setting is set to 0.

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So you’re aware, G-Portal’s options are different for the Xbox. You don’t have direct access to any of the configuration files, for whatever reason. You have to use the G-Portal app, login, select the server and then “More Options”. This opens the browser, and the menu looks like this:


They would have to choose “Basic Settings” from the menu, and then scroll down to the “Extended” section and make the change there.

What you’ve described doesn’t seem to exist at all, for Xbox players.

I changed VocalVisibilityDurationInMinutes to “0” and saved it but the setting does not change in game but does save in the settings in gportal. In game it resets itself to five even if I change it in game while its set to 0 in the gportal settings.

Couldn’t you join the server as an Admin, then plug a keyboard into your Xbox to set the value using a console command? Or would that not work?

This may be obvious, but you’re closing the game on your console, completely shutting down the server, making the configuration change, saving the change and then restarting the server, correct? That’s how you should do it.

The G-Portal configuration page should warn you that your server needs to be offline to make those changes, but sometimes it doesn’t for whatever reason. When you make changes to your G-Portal server, always make sure the server is completely down (not just everyone logged out) before doing it.

Changing settings in-game with console or menu has never had any effect ever. To even change the settings in the gportal the server has to be shut down. Its impossible to tweak settings on gportal without shutting off the server first which I do and then save and turn the server back on after. Changing “VocalVisibilityDurationInMinutes” in the settings or through the console in admin mode in game has no effect. Changing and saving it in the gportal is suppose to change it but the value saves in the gportal setting but isn’t applied to the server in-game.

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