PLAYER STEAM ID under name and Opening MOVIE

Showing players STEAM ID account number under there name should be something only admins see, like the item number, when in admin mode. Instead you just added that horrible function… without anyway of changing it. No function to control or turn it off… so you kill immersion and harm my server when I pay you to use your product… how is does that make sense?

Please create an option or pay PIPPI to make you one, it’s been over a year now.

While we’re on the topic… get rid of the opening movie… make the option to bypass it… instead you make us watch it twice and the ESC doesn’t work until two minutes into the redundant opening. Where is the common sense when you do things it makes wonder about you sanity? You are being made fun of for that opening movie… why do you do that? Can you start to care about what we think and feel… i asked you way back to fix this simple thing you fudged. Are you ever going to fix it? Or do I have to hire someone to do your job? Sorry I’m heated by I have enough real bugs and issue to keep me busy without having to waste my timing asking you for things I should never have to ask for… please deal with this… PLEASE.

Thanks! I love this game… make it better not worse.

Blackthorn - 10k hours universe!

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