Players unable to respawn or connect to server

This is for a hosted server not a solo game.

After a few hours now that buildings have been built we run into an issue of either extra long re-spawn times for players and extra long log in times or just cant log in some people reported up to 20min wait times. Working with gameservers to figure if it is a server issue or a game code issue. have yet to find any other reports of this problem.

So I had the server moved and increased in size, has been running smoothly, now that players have started building more every once in awhile with new patch now we are still having the issue of either extremely long respawn time for players who have died, or simply unable to connect to the server. only fix we have found is to reboot the server. Any other Idea’s ?

I’m having similar connection issues. I cant join my friends solo games, and they cant join me…but yet they can join others solo games. No idea why, it was fine about 2-3 days ago, then yesterday, something changed. No idea what.

Any support would be great on this issue. Every day daily from 6pm-after 11pm pst Server has to be restarted every 45min-1hour due to people unable to Respawn after death or cant load into the server.

Is there a particular log I can look at or send to try and resolve this issue? or isolate a source?

Ok update when players are unable to load into the game on connection, game tracker shows my the account as being logged in even though the screen is still sitting on loading.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I’m experiencing the same problem with a server hosted by a different provider then the one OP is using.

exact same problem on my server. (hosted in nitrado south america)
and on some oficial servers.
its not something our hosts can fix or we can fix, its a conan exiles problem clearly, so waiting for a fix. ASAP
since hosts cost money

yeah I reported this issue before Launch and its seems to be eluding them… First 3 or so days Server is running perfect. After some build up, boom long respawn or log in issues until a restart is done then we good for 30/40 minutes.

yes, this has quickly become my number one issue with the game. it doesn’t help servers are getting full and also keeping people from getting into the server. but they are two different issues. it’s to the point now on the server i play on, you spent more time waiting to respawn than you do actually playing the game.

I just can’t log in to any server (offical or private). The game just stops at the loading screen after selecting a server. This is becoming really frustrating.