Players under mashing in server 3202 PS4

Game mode: [Online)
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]
Server 3202
Platform: ps4

[Players from a clan are under meshing their base inside the mountain which is ruining the game for every one in the server, they under meshed next to dragons mouth in E12 ]

Steps on how to reproduce

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Same issue on server 3749 US … we have screenshots of them admitting it as well as a video of them doing it! What can we do about this??

Same, we have a vid of them doing it as well, hopefully funcom starts acting and banning players like that

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While I regret that you might have undermeshers on your server, this is not the right way to report them. Read the rules for official servers and the forums:

You are not supposed to post names of accused players and clans, nor should you post any instructions on how to abuse publically.

Write a pm directly to @Hugo or @Ignasi, after you read the rules!

Okay I will remove the details and the vid, thanks for letting me know

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Also can you tell me how I can report them ? I tried everything and no one seemed to help us with this issue

If your status on this forum may be too low yet to write a pm, you can increase it by reading a number of posts and topics.

Have some patience after the report, because it takes time, you know.
You might not be the only one that reported someone during this weekend :smile:


Please follow the instructions in this post to make your report.

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