Playstation server disconnections


I own a gportal server and when I play on it, everyone (including me) gets disconnected every 5 minutes.

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Same problem here

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Same. Always during fights.

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I always take the same problem, and always when I started fighting.

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Could you please let us know if you notice disconnecting in specific spots on the map? If so, please send us a screenshot of the in-game map pointing to these locations.

Do specific activities/actions make this issue worse? If so, could you please let us know which ones and give more details?

Thank you in advance :smile:

After the last Update it has gotten even worse!
Yesterday I was fighting 1 normal Wolf with two of my thralls, got disconnected and was unable to log in again until my thralls had actually finished the wolf!
Really guys, do you purposly make the game worse? Or what?

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