PlayStation Update 2.4/2.4.6 Official Discussion Megathread

Yes, why? Do you have any info to share?

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I have a lot of problems with freezing, its anoying

Bueno ya me cansé harto de que me cierren debates, opiniones, en este foro es explicado en multitud de veces los problemas ni siquiera contestan y hace más de una semana que nos hicieron la actualización ahora solo me toca luchar con Sony para que le cierre el espacio de venta de este mal juego no por su diseño sino por su jugabilidad y las respuestas del equipo de R.R.P.P.

I am notified an update numbered 1.69 from EU /FR PS Store
is it the one you are talking about ?
update different from disc game ?

->my config : PS4 Pro / Exiles map only / downloadable game /no PS+

What is FR? I know only EU, Asia, USA

The Update is for all. DISC and PS Store are the same.:v:t4:

FR= French

So how come it’s 1.69 and not 2.4.6 ?

the last update made more bugs than before, before the game was fine, some lag but nothing to worry about, but now is unplayable, I already unninstall the game the last 2 nights and left my PS4 installing the game during night with hope that the new installing will fix some corrupted data, the thing here is, where are the developers? I don’t believe that they don’t know about this. that is a bad way to keep the people that are spending money in the game, in their product.


It’s been 1 week since the last patch broke the game and we don’t have any response from Funcom as to cause of issue or whether or not they’re working on a hotfix for soon, so we can conclude that the developers simply took our money, disappeared and still left us not being able to use the game where we spend our money?


The updates are called differently on Playstation.
France is part of the EU.
All get the same update even if it is called differently.
I also play on PS.

Have a wonderful day✌🏽

That’s a lie, but okay.

The situation of Conan Exiles today:

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Y de mañana…y pasado… y la semana que viene…y dentro de 3 meses…

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dude, its the same with me, and with almost all the community of PS4 that plays this game, its sad, FUNCOM doesn’t like their community on PS4 because they don’t say anithing, and their work is worse with each update.

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I experience the same issue seen in the video and I tried all what’s possible for me to do to solve it … but nothing worked …

This is South Korea.
It is the same.
Funcom is bad.

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Then show us that the update file for you is called 2.4.6 on the PS.
Show us all that we have no idea and that you are the grandmaster.:+1:t3:

When will 2.5 apply?

wow, looks like a problem of sync with whatever it could be …
luckily, my HDD is 80% + full, so the update could not install …
be sure I won’t free space for it before long :joy_cat:

With 2.5(.1) out on consoles, closing this thread. What a ride it’s been. :slight_smile: