Please consider moving some three star bosses Funcom

So I finally moved my wall back at my Oasis base, and let the King Rhino spawn. I left a good sized area open, and built a few walls in other spots to keep it from wandering around into my base.
Everything seemed fine, he would just move in little circles outside the walls. I made sure no thralls were in agro range also.
I was working on my garden area today, and I heard fighting, and he was inside my base, stuck in one of my fountains, and three of my level one dancers were fighting him. Apparently he “lagged” in.
Long story short, he killed my dancers. Since I am at the hard cap they cannot be replaced.

So I moved 4 of my best fighters outside the walls right where he spawns and it is just a kill zone for them. He spawns, they kill him, do over. I would have preferred to let him spawn and wander, but I am not going to lose thralls from a laggy server that I cannot replace due to the hardcap that supposedly fixed the lag.

I would really like FC to consider some of the three star mob locations, and possibly move them. I am at a premium location ( I have been there for almost three years ) that everyone loves to build at. But having Mr King Rhino there ruins it.
Also, the Crocs in a few spots ruin some prime building real estate. Before FC started enforcing the rules, nobody really cared, so not much was said about it. If you wanted to build there, you just despawned them.
Now we all live in terror of having our bases destroyed and being banned for it. Most of the boss mobs are in out of the way spots, but those two Crocs and the King Rhino are really taking up prime build space and should be moved.


I do miss the days where you could just build where you wanted without worrying about the spawns. If this was a PVP server, I’d say that if someone was messing with a spawn that you wanted, just bomb them out and that’ll fix it. On any other server, though, it’s impossible to get rid of their structures unless their nice enough to move when asked. I agree that I would like to see Funcom do something about the spawns.


I moved my wall because of the server consolidation coming up. I am pretty sure my server is active enough to remain. I have never had any issues with anyone or them with me, and never reported anyone except one time when they blocked the Volcano Obelisk.
But with a new influx of people, some of who may be bitter about being forcibly transferred, I will assume there will be a lot more Zendesk complaints. My house is now in order and compliant.

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Instead of demanding the game to fit your base, why not make your base fit the game?


In this particular case, the location is beautiful and scenic. The rhino wasn’t an issue prior to the ToS update, and despawning it was considered the best way to deal with it. Now that the ToS update makes that a violation, an otherwise amazing PVE base location is problematic.


Exactly. Over the years of playing, I do not think I have ever seen anyone build in that spot that did NOT despawn the King Rhino. It is not like he is on the edge of a beautiful Oasis, he is right in the middle.

I want a grinder like Minecraft to constantly harvest resources from stuff like this.

I agree some 3 skull bosses are inconveniently placed.
I may be PVP primarily, but I can still sympathize with PVE builders.



Why should they move a boss, to fit one person who picked a bad spot, which could potentially cause many others to suddenly have to pick up and move?

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Because it wasn’t a bad spot before. And it isn’t a bad spot. It’s a really nice spot for PVE players. Now that they’ve updated the ToS, suddenly it’s an issue. In all honesty, moving the Rhino or removing it entirely (Which is totally an option) would benefit most of the PVE community because the location discussed is a very common locale


Leaving it be affects only a few. Moving it potentially affects thousands.

I’m not seeing the logic behind this.

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Leaving it affects all players, moving it affects all players. Everyone uses the same map. Additionally, it’s not like we’re requesting that it get moved to the highlands or something. At most, it should probably get moved to the savannah where other rhinos are.

Removing it affects all players, but honestly, there’s quite a few 3 skull bosses in the area so losing the 1 rhino won’t be a major loss.


I don’t see why forcing in pvp since anyone Challenge and fight.

I lost my Allie’s because of funcom by two clan party.

Yes they built big and they built close to one of bosses.

But if u think so what all boss gives stupid key which there 100 of them so blocking one is fine. Plus legendary weapons is more mid lvl weapon.

So I was about to quit and before this I was going to buy expansion.

Game is in sad part I guess I can be banned I cover mushrooms patch.

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Explain to me how moving it to a different area effects thousands please. There are a million places nobody ever builds at that it could be moved. The King Scorpion is a prime example of good placement. Literally nobody builds in that area. The three skull Croc that sits in the middle of a beautiful valley with a pond and is a perfect place to build is a prime example of very poor placement.

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Here’s the problem, if you move it. Someone who built a base in good faith in an area with no boss will suddenly find themselves potentially having to tear down their base to remain in good standing. Why put them through that?

Removing it outright is an option for sure.


Another option is for Funcom to be a bit more lenient with their rules on Spawn Blocking in PVE/PVE-C servers. As I stated earlier, in a PVP server, is someone is blocking a spawn that you want access to, a few BOOMS later and the problem’s resolved. PVE/PVE-C, however, is much different. The building could be made of wet tissues and still stubbornly refuse to die, so spawn blocking becomes more or less permanent until it decays. For prime real estate areas like the oasis, having spawn blocking be a reason for a ban makes the players have to decide between building in a worse location or risk getting reported for something that, until recently, was fine.


It’s incredibly problematic that you’re using that word. Your take is wrong regardless of gender identity. Don’t try to deflect by dragging in external factors.

You have a citation on that? I can guarantee you at some point in time across all servers, every buildable square inch of the map has been built on at least once. Just because you personally don’t live there doesn’t mean you speak for everyone.

I think this one is an example of very good placement actually. The whole point of the game is you’re thrown into this inhabited world and have to claw your way up to the top. Pvp, pve, same base idea. Getting handed pristine locations with no curveballs is just easymode. You’re still asking the game to bend the knee to you instead of adapting.


Where to even start with that statement. . . .

Weapon armor nerfs, horse combat, what is the current meta since FC changed the rules, what is the current build limit, thrall limits. . . .I could go on forever.

Sadly amusing that you think the game rules have never been changed by player feedback or multiple salty posts on this forum.

Sorry, I am just speaking from experience, as I have played and observed where people have built over the last five years, from EA day one on, playing PVP, PVE, and PVE-C on multiple servers. So I feel safe to say, you are wrong, unless YOU have “citation” on that.


No, seeing people beg to have the local wildlife removed from their lawn must be. Just redesign or rebuild, would be a lot easier than making a fool of yourself here.

Oh so we’re going by seniority means superiority? Day one early access here pal. That’s five years. I’ve built bases in places you could never know. I’ve seen some crazy stuff you clearly can’t even dream of.

Ive been everywhere, officials, private, pvp, pve, you name it. There’s bases everywhere. And not once have I ran into someone with the sheer audacity to try to complain that a boss that many people, myself included use to farm legendaries, is in the way of their house.

It’s you that needs to move.


Its a very common theme on these forums lately. People are more worried about themselves and their own desires, with little care to how it affects others. But even with that trend, this thread was a bit surprising in how acute in that regard it is.

Move a boss, inconvenience hundreds, or even thousands, for the sake of one. This is just, wow.