Please fix the /stuck command so it works

On several occasion going all the way back to the release of shadowlands, I have found myself stuck in cracks in the world. Undefined/broken geometry that acts like a hole in the ground, but won’t let you get out.

When you do get stuck, there is absolutely nothing you can do except get warped out via some sort of summon, or /terminate.

The stuck command will not work when falling.

Fix this so the /stuck command will work when falling, allowing us to get out of broken SL geometry without having to terminate.

No, waiting for GM help is not a real option, because GM help is barely a thing anymore.

Fix the Stuck command so it works. 16 years should be long enough to solve a known common problem with a broken tool.

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a solution that worked for me in that case, where you are falling or can’t sit, is to log out (alt+f4 twice) and log back in after a while.
then you can sit and do /stuck. (don’t move, just sit, else you might end up again beeing not able to sit/stuck)

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In the SL falling-stuck terrain bugs it logs you back in at the same place you logged out, and you are still stuck. I have tried. One character watched to verify the other fully logged out of the world before I relogged the character that logged out.

There are only two ways out of a falling-stuck hole. You either get summoned out, or you terminate.

Thats wrong, i did it the way Richard described it many times.
sometimes if u log in again u are already sitting, don’t press x then or u are fooked again.

Err. I did it today. Maybe it worked at one time, many years ago, but not today.

EDIT: Regardless of if the solution you advocate does work, do you believe it is elegant or even acceptable game design to require users to manually crash their game client to get their character out of a geometry bug? Or do you believe it would be better, even elegant, to have the command designed to resolve geometry bugs, well, actually work?