Bugs are taking the mick now

i cant do a mission properly. When i move i just fall down and keep falling. I try /stuck but it says that i’m apparently not stuck and /reset doesnt do a thing. I cant even log out or click exit. I have to alt f4 to close the game. Is there a way to fix it?

Can you use a teleport (to Agartha or London) or from the map to an anima well?

Are you saying /reset doesn’t kill your character? The only reason this would happen is if you’re in combat. Exiting the game and logging back in should remove you from combat.

not even

/reset dont kill my character it always happen when i start moving i just fall down

If you’re falling through the world and ending up underneath everything you might have some corrupted database files. Try running a client repair.

Just in case you didn’t already, you may also want to open a petition in game (/petition or through the Help option), so that a GM can help if it’s not a problem with your client.

did that

i did but nothing came back