Why are these bugs just getting worse daily without funcom’s help?

Logged in to live, I can’t get in to my keep. I fall through everything constantly, so can’t climb stairs to get in.

When chapter 4 dropped I had issues but they could easily be worked around. The hot fixes didn’t so much. Oh they addressed a few things but didn’t fix much. Aside from having to log out on solid ground I didn’t have other issues; well the repair thing for armors unlocked by thrall.

Then the periodic server wide drop throughs started.
Then I lost the ability to select items in benches.
Now I can’t get in my keep because none of my building pieces are sold. I just fall through everything.

Thing is funcom hasn’t done any fixes or updates to cause this ever deteriorating game play, so just what is going on. The game is rapidly approaching my definition of unplayable, meaning absolutely.


This has been gradual since December and I believe there are multiple causes but certainly exacerbated by chapter 4 release.

First indications for me was on a busy PVP server where everyone would drop through their base at the same time or alone. Logging in was always a gamble because you’d see yourself fall through the world and would be stuck there for 2-5 minutes and vroom all the way to the top of where you logged out last. On another server, I had a base built at Watcher of the Passage and would drop inside the mesh, I was in an underground pool and could swim, climb, but couldn’t interact such as drink water.

As weird as it is, looking up brought you to where you were supposed to be but not for the more troublesome issue of falling through building pieces while generally playing.

Then a buddy and I were raiding on a Siptah server, we found a particularly exploitable stash and figured out how to raid it. It’s one of my exceptions for offlining. We dropped through their building and ended up INSIDE it. Boy that was disorienting. We had to bomb ourselves out carefully. Come to find out it is something, based on comments here and elsewhere, that can be taken advantage of now.

I mentioned before that I believe it has something to do with building system checks. Perhaps due to addressing skybases. But again, possible there are multiple causes and individual scenarios happening here that are not apparent. It’s also something that happens on any kind off server, including clean, barely built ones. It appears to happen less frequently on those empty servers so it is possible that connections, builds and inventories might be contributing somehow as well.

It’s not exactly clear as to why it’s getting worse though but I feel it has something to do with multiplayer servers. I believe it is not happening to SP and CO-OP. So that is an indicator.


Deacon, it took you a while, but you have at last ascended. Now that you have seen the light, join us on the dark side. There is no turning back, Deacon.


Every single patch in AoW has made the game progressively worse. As for the “why”, I can only imagine it is because there are too many people who don’t care how bad the game is, they’re just happy to throw more money at the bazaar and keep on building. Why fix what ain’t broken? From Funcom’s perspective everything is just fine, revenue is roughly where they want it. From a logical person’s perspective who values actual gameplay the game is absolutely unplayable.

It’s good that you’re angry.
It’s good that you feel that you need to press situations and you have my absolute support.
Workarounds exists for everything, but the game, especially official, is in a really bad shape, really bad!
We often log in to this both me and @everybodyvsME

Do we have fun? I won’t lie, yes we do, but all of us want something better, or to be exact, a standard experience!
What we get has no standards and it’s sad!


I had to move my base to very high rock to avoid being raided by purge in (yeah people are using PURGE to RAID bases in PVE) Some parts of the base are in cantilever slabs, so every time this bugs occurs i die. What a moment to be pushed to build in the heigths.

I suspect that in trying to address all the screaming about undermesh exploits and building, that some of the tweaked undermesh inclusion zones are too close to respective ground-level levels.

All it takes is that slight undermeshing when rolling, getting up, jumping or dropping to ground, etc that sometimes showed undermesh, breaches the new undermesh barrier making a player exit the Matrix. One of the joys of retro-fitting. I also suspect that there is no simple tweaking of a single calculation point inside the code to increase that undermeshing threshold, and that it requires going in and manually tweaking the specific terrains. I do not envy the Dev thralls doing the work.
(Anyone noticed mesh-exploits in other world games?)


Elder scrolls online! They wanted 15 Euro per month for Eso plus, plus 40 Euro for each dlc yet…

:brazil: Conan Exiles

Não acho que essa pergunta irá ser muito importante mas acho que esse item é novo…
Alguém sabe dizer o que é esse item “new” ele é novo em Siptah ?


it’s been unplayable for me for a long time now. my character is constantly falling through the floor every time i get back to my home and i’m forced to tear down build pieces to get out of the shituation i find myself in. every. single. time. i decide to get back home to dump the loot and mats. someone teased that there is an update planned “soon” but Funcom’s “soon” is like 3 months or so.

can’t wait to see another update that will rival the famous antelope fix. it is very clear that they aren’t devoted to the game as they used to be and it’s very sad for me personally.

Yes, they’ve been a “feature” of ARK Survival Evolved since the day it was released in Early Access, through the years of full release, and they continue to be a significant issue in the “remastered” ARK Survival Ascended. Meshing has always been one of the biggest unresolved issues in ARK, it has affected people on PvE servers almost as much as PvP.

I would bet that it’s an issue for all games like ARK & Conan to some degree (Rust, probably?). Any game that’s competitive, and especially any game that allows for base destruction like ARK/Conan/Rust will result in crappy people looking for exploits & cheats. The more competitive the game, the more cheaters will try to cheat, and since meshing is difficult for developers to fix it will always be an exploit that cheaters look for.

Yup, all the same bugs here too - ALL. I used to criticize people for claiming “the game is unplayable” and being hyperbolic - but now it actually is. And it has been for months with no fixes I’m aware of from @Funcom. And they want us play and support DUNE??? Really?

Now a new one… for me at least: Inventory loss and locked toolbar space - only 7 slots are available and trying to add the 8th reports “NOT ENOUGH SPACE IN INVENTORY”.


Broken, abandoned, unbalanced trash game, which could’ve been the best survival game.


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neebs has an ARK: SA private server so when it hit $20s I’ll get it. I bought ARK when it hit $20 and just got my 200 hours out of it. Seemed like my sort of game but just couldn’t get in to it.

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:rofl: I think many gaming companies have been taking illegal substances or something - that’s plain insane. Although, if it works… And people should remember, Stoopidity should always be rewarded! :smiley:

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Odd. Well, I guess I am the lucky one, or maybe it’s sticking to private servers (GTX, not Gportal), but apart from the occasional crash (usually because of the way memory is hogged by builds and storage box content apparently), no issues at all. Guessing servers with a lot more players and raids and fun stuff like that are way different though?

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I’m of the opinion one of the issue right now is server related. There are people that didn’t have issues when ch4 dropped that have since developed them.

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I’ve had ALL (100%) of the bugs listed by the OP (and MANY more show-stoppers level bugs and glitches) on both private and official, server instances.

It may well be the luck of the draw or even something like playstyle.

So for example, if I never stand still on T1 blocks then I never fall through. So, if you’re playstyle is T4 only and\or always running - you may not experience that one. Or it could be something that doesn’t seem correlative - like maybe it’s caused by a certain shoe-size, armor-type, or inventory item if which you don’t have or use then you my not have the problems. etc. etc.

BTW, all the servers I play on are sparsely populated - I never see more than about 6 people on… and most often I’m in by myself.


Welcome back and I’m sure you’ll see over time or by browsing here, you’re not alone.


Indeed, :blush: , long time no see @TeleTesselator , you are missed bud . I don’t know if you’re happy seeing the dinosaurs in here again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ,but they are happy seeing you :blush: .