Entire server at same time falls through floors

So this has been happening a lot since the newest updates.
Randomly, everyone on the server will fall through or be able to go through foundations/stairs and other building pieces. They will then become stuck inside of them or be able to move through them. Thralls as well, will fall through the floors. Today upon logging into the PVE server #1500, all of my thralls inside my base had fallen through the floors until they reached world terrain or water, 3 of which, somehow died. I have no info on whether or not it was the height they fell from that caused their death. Also to note during this period of time where everyone is falling through building pieces, it is not possible to use the interact button with anything interactable. This includes crafting stations, thralls, dungeon doors, etc. Also, during this time enemies and thralls will “aggro” each other and players, but not attack. Enemies are still able to take damage from players. There are many other bugs, including the inventory bug where items need to be set to “unsorted” to move them into work benches or other inventories, but this falling through building pieces issue, needs addressing. I must demolish majority of my base in order to reach the thralls underneath and move them.
Thank you for reading.


I confirm this is happening on multiple servers:

  • It happened to me not long ago on server PvE Conflict #1035: I fell through the foundations and died from height and the lvl.20 thrall who was following me died as well (he fell through the world and died. No possibility to get back his gear).

  • It happened to me many times on server PvP #1092. Falling through foundations.Yesterday at 3:45 am server time (I died), and today at around 16:20 (stuck below foundations). It’s still happening at the time I’m writing those lines. All the players are affected. Logging out and logging back solve the issue for a matter of seconds (the game make the character stand above the foundation after logging), before going through the foundations again a few second later.

Please Funcom, fix this ASAP: after celebrating not long ago Conan Exiles Birthday, the minimum would be to make sure this kind of major bug impacting whole servers should not be possible. It seems servers stability has regressed a lot lately, and especially since chapter 4…

The game is becoming unplayable in this state.

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When this happens you know it’s not just you, chat comes alive.
Happened last night, I dropped trough three foundations, hammer time.
Had 3 stacked chests and 2 benches on that top foundation. :rage:
Didn’t loose anything luckily. Made chests emptied my inventory, put the 3 foundations back in, got one bench down

Hammer time.

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This Bug falling under fundations are vital for playing the game, i have played since start, and have never seen such a broken game just now. most players i know, now just keep base up not decay, they can not play. that is cos of falling under floor, you need to restart all the time. Hope they take this seriosly and help players to play the game again soon. Its such a awsome fine game if it works.
Its have been a long time now since last chapter come out and its gamebreaking this to be fixed, very few of the gamers that have followed this awsome game from start are playing anymore, they just keep base uptodata. It incredible that Funcom dont see this as a serious bug. that need to be fixed AS FIRST PRI


something similar happened to me, I was climbing the Nemedian stairs and I lagged, a second, maybe less, and I found myself imprisoned in the stairs. at the same time all my thralls were sucked into the foundations until they reached ground level, some passing through four or five overlapping foundations. I had to dismantle a good part of the foundations and walls to remove the thralls from the ground.

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Funcom mentioned this in their most recent patchnotes (May 14):

Forward notice: We are aware of and continuing to investigate an issue where characters may periodically sink into building pieces. Due to the delicate nature of foundations and sensitivity to changes that affect them (if you know, you know :disappointed_relieved:), a resolution for this issue will arrive with a future update. Thank you for your patience; we understand it’s frustrating.

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Yeah this has been happening for a while now, it has been known for at least 6-12 months in Admins United Discord and has been in March? Acknowledged by devs when the latest patch made the problem even more common, doesn’t matter vanilla or dedicated it just happens.

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That first time you find your only follower stuck in the ground acting like nothing is wrong.



I live in trees. As i “can build anywhere!”

all my thralls, pets, fall to the ground.

all of them. I have to manually get them back up 50 m.
2 a run it takes me an hour or so, and @ next login it will be the same gamble.

And myself falling to death the moment i logon for good measure.
Usually it was no damage but now i die.

How can it be this is not adressed asap?

Letting these game breaking bugs persist, do you take yourself seriously?

The way FC wipes their ass with gamers will hopefully karma.

FC please react to what players struggle with . With this sinck under floor Bug THE GAME IS UNPLAYABLE in current state. Can be that local single player works ok. But on official servers (1027) it dont work at all if you have a big base. Players are so fedup that i cant tell. We love the game, please fix it for us please. iam willing to let devs try my game, its garantied you will see the problem.