Why are these bugs just getting worse daily without funcom’s help?

Yeah, a number of players on my servers are ‘away’ for the moment - there are at least two if not three new or updated open-world games in pre-launch or launched recently that I know several are playing - a rest is as good as a holiday.

I’ll give the walking and T1’s issues you mention a check.

I did find that sometimes I would appear when re-entering server as ‘stuck’ in one spot. I found that if I relogged it would be fine. I also found, easier, to try to log out slightly away from my base and no further issues. It only happens occasionally, the first time logging in for a session, and not after that. If I exit the game itself, do other stuff, and then go back in, it sometimes happens again. Not a biggie. Each to their own. My little laptop has an ancient graphics card and not much disk space available, so I am not surprised when the machine complains occasionally :wink:

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I was just on to do a run a around refresh. Just me, had the server to myself. Everything was stable, no fall throughs. But still can’t select anything in my bench inventories.

If you consider Conan in its current state to be unplayable you will not be happy with ARK SA. Conan may not be as good as it used to be, but it’s still better than ARK in almost every way.

We could go down a long list of comparisons and Conan would win in nearly every category, about the only advantage ARK has is more maps.

Wow, that’s weird. I have literally never experienced that - even counting early-access period.

Yep, you’re right (in my opinion) - Conan Exiles + bugs certainly beats most of the current and past games offerings. It has been going for six years (seven counting early-access when many started playing), is still getting content added, is still challenging, and still fun. And when people get bored with the vanilla game they can always choose modded (modding community are astoundingly creative!).

Players get quite worked up about games. They are just games. New games coming out seem to be hitting similar, same, and worse issues that Conan has experienced.

There still doesn’t appear to be a magic bullet for game genres like this that keeps connections, memory, multi-thread processing, cross-platforming, older PCs, laptops, consoles, etc, glitching, macro-glitching, bug exploits, la-a-a-a-a-a-ging, etc from being issues. One of the players on the server I generally play on has a beast, high end PC. They get almost no issues playing, which is very annoying. I occasionally get glitches, and another on same server has now quit the game because of the lagging from their part of the world. One of the other players quit because she streams content and says she has to feed the kids so has to keep moving to whatever else is new.
But it is just a game.

Yup, very common. I’ve heard this explained as a network issue. The “server frames” are getting dropped (or not syncing) and the player location can’t be synced. This is the one where your character continually jumps back to the spawn position everytime you attempt to take a step. There’s another form of “being stuck” that has to do with collision detection: Getting stuck on a bush, a mount’s saddle, inside a foundation or etc.

Not weird - fairly common, especially with high ping connections or busy networks. It //usually// remedies itself in short order - but can often take “too long” - whatever that is to you.

Are they also sparsely built? Not seeing a lot of players online is one thing, not having to load in (and out) a bunch of serial-refreshers’ theme parks is another.

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Not even that. The issue I’m having on live is items in the inventory never highlight, are never selected so no options pop up. So my only option to repair weapons and armor is kits, I can’t select them in the bench inventory to do anything. I can take stuff out and put stuff in, but I can’t do anything in a bench.

Yeah, I think it has been very hard trying to leverage new content and new fuctioning on top, in between, and all on top of the existing content. It would make sense that adding anything without completely redesigning the core game engine to make better use of, or optimise, RAM and performance - enev if that were possible.

I am just pleased I can continue playing. The crashes out and the funtioning has not been too discouraging for me, but can understand others getting tense.

Some of the regular players on the server I slum on are currently playing some of the other new games out there and two streamers have found that they need to swap to other games for a bit to retain Follower interest, etc.

Umm, I’m on

  • Official 1930 PVE,
    Official XXXX PvE,
    Official XXXX PvE,
    Private XXXX PvE,
    Private XXXX PvE,
    Private XXXX PvE,
    Private XXXX PvE,
  • Official 1931 PvP,
    Official XXXX PvP,
    Private XXXX PvP,
    Private XXXX PvP,

And I spend time on them as the project dictates. Sometimes only a few hours per week and sometimes many hours per day - depending. In PvE I don’t care what others do or don’t do (so I don’t monitor them) but mostly when others are online they are so for 3 to 5 hours at a time (so likely not serial-refreshers) and it’s very rare I see more than 2 others online - when I do, it’s usually 2 or 3 of the same clan. Weekends can occasionally be an exception.

I know you’re sensitive to people claiming “the game is dead” but that’s not my claim here. Only that while server load (number of players online) /can/ exacerbate the problem, it isn’t the cause - attested to by my own experiences.


Apologies, didn’t mean it to come across like that. That wasn’t really my focus. I was just wondering whether the problems can be at least partially explained by how much work the server has to do.

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You’re good… it’s all good… We’re on the same page…

Yup, More than likely, true.

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