Current patch broke the game. "Falling through the world" insta death

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Game Breaking Bug | Instant Death]
Region: [North America]

[Current patch broke the game with the “falling through the world” insta-death bug. Keeps happening and now I have perma lost my body in a location that does it every time I get near. Happened when I killed a giant turtle and it’s body fell on me, when I harvested a boulder with a ghost chest behind it, touching the river randomly, jumping onto a boulder, jumping down from a small hill, and finally (the one that has made me quit) getting near the cave at the bottom of The Black Galleon. I have lost hours of grinding for the gear on my body since every time I try to retreave it I insta-die. I do not know why you guys release patches that completely break your game but at this point I will not play your game further untill you start addressing bugs instead of breaking the game further.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Random while playing normally
  2. Get near the cave at the bottom of The Black Galleon (Happens every time)

UPDATE: The Black Galleon cave does not kill me if I am Ghosting as admin so it has to do with the meshing prevention implemented in the patch not working correctly. Not sure why stone or animal hotboxes trigger it aswell but I’m guessing same reason. Funcom, please revert the changes untill the anti-meshing works correctly and isn’t killing people that are not cheating.


FUNCOM- please help. This samething is happening to me. Mine seems to happen almost everytime I am gathering resources such stone. This is making the game unplayable.


Instant die every time I harvest rhino king one of my pets and when I discover new locations so far about 15 deaths over past 5 hours


This also happens for larger followers like Frost Giant Bodyguards and Yetis. Needs immediate attention.


Just bought the game last night (1-30-2020), to avoid the disaster that ARK is currently in…

Wife and I are instantly dying after killing Shale Backs, and once while harvesting Stone. To the point where we’re afraid to confront them.

Location: Shattered Bridge

Event: Killing Shale Backs, or trying to recover loot bag.

We absolutely love the structures and placeables, compared to ARK, and can see this taking over our game time, quick. Bugs are to be expected in games like these, but progression breaking ones are a killer to the customer base.

Update: Hanuman’s Grotto causes instadeath.
Step to recreate: Walking inside…


I have the same, that’s happen after installing your new patch, the game is totally unplayable, I’m dying everywhere by “falling through the world” I’m really upset because I bought this game with all dlc, I spend a lot of hour’s for building my castles and so on, and now I can’t mine just one stupid stone becouse I’m dying, I can’t go to the cave, my horse just disappeared- I’m really angry becouse that’s my time in this game and I paid for working game, for now this game is totally unplayable so please fix that or I want back all my money.


same thing for me when i draw i die i die when i kill you a rhino the texture is no longer displayed so I fall into the void and die I lost twice everything I had on my character the games are just unplayable !!! yet c so good a game but all bug !!!

same thing for me when i dug a stome i die i die when i kill a rhino the texture is no longer displayed so I fall into the void and die I lost twice everything I had on my character the games are just unplayable !!! yet c so good a game but all bug !!!

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I’d say sit tight for a few days. Back in December, their mounts update was causing the game to explode on older Xbox consoles and they pushed out a fix for that fairly quickly. Hopefully they’ll do the same for this.

I really, really wish Funcom would improve their QA processes here. CE is a great game, but there’s something broken internally with how the company manages their testing/QA process. They frequently release updates with game-breaking bugs, or reintroduce previous bugs back into the game. And then they go through cycles of patching previous patches.

It seems like they’re effectively backloading the process, having their paying customers act as their testers. It can be frustrating, but I guess that’s the general state of the game industry writ large these days.


Forreal they broke they gameeee I’m literally terrified to step anywhere, go inside anything, or just play the game because I just die and have to run cross map or teleport to get my gear. What’s the point now? Explore Temple of Frost. Die. Run onto the Black Galleon. Die. Kill a large creature (which basically everything is bigger than you). Die. Harvest corpse. Die. Enter a cave. Die. Harvest a rock or tree. Die. It’s literally unplayable in its current state and the fan base is pleading for a patch and a fix because the people who actually enjoy this game can’t even play it now or don’t want to because of this bug. Crom is so ashamed with this.


“We’ve heard your cries. We’ve heard your pleas.” Ok. Now do something about them.

Right now I die every few minutes. Entering any sort of cave. Harvesting dead bodies. Harvesting brimstone. And from the posts there are plenty of other ways of hitting the bug.
If you cant solve it immediately go back to the previous version. You could probably organise that in a day.


Falling through the world sucks fix all add these updates and it always comes with a screw up somewhere else


Thanks for the advice. I hope its not a hardware issue. We play on both an original, and One S on two different TVs. With the One S hosting, and both having the same problem.

It really is too bad that these types of issues happen a lot in the survival game genre. I can’t imagine the type of Crunch these people go through. At the same time, how hard can it be to say; “Hey Employee, we’re going to be throwing up a new update/patch. Spend the day running the map and making sure the basic fundamentals are there.”


Literally so true

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You know what is awesome though? That issues are actually acknowledged here, with a Dev Tracker. I don’t know how many of you have ever played ARK, but when you go on the forums, you might as well be mumbling to your wall. I have almost a month old ticket for game breaking bugs and my box is still empty from any sort of reply from Support.

Off topic, I know, but at least they are looking into a hotfix.

Are they? I haven’t heard anything :confused:

Yeah, there’s quite a few acknowledgments in the Dev tracker.

A temporary fix for SP has been found by Enabling Admin.

Just tested it myself, and am able to mine, kill, and walk in caves so far.

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So I have to rent and server to fix it? And become administrator?

In single player, you can access admin mode.

On official PVP, PVP-C, and PVE you can’t access this setting.

If you have your own server or one that you rent, then you can enable admin mode.

To enable admin mode in single player, go to “Settings” then click on “Server Settings”. The first tab in that menu is “General Settings”. Then click “Make Me Admin”. Admin mode is now enabled. When you back out of the “Server Settings” you should now see “Admin Panel” right above the “Settings” button.

This video can help if my directions are unclear.


Thank you it’s just kinda lame at this point how many days has this game been broken?

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