"You were killed by falling through the world" - Random deaths main feedback thread

Game mode: Offline | Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Starting soon after the patch, 75% of the time i enter combat now I randomly insta die with the death message “You were killed by falling through the world”. Looking back, it may only be happening in battles with multiple enemies; I’ve killed singular opponents without the bug occurring. The game is unplayable for me now, and just as I was considering purchasing the DLC. Hopefully this gets fixed ASAP.

EDIT - I see other people saying it happens when you get hit, I was indeed hit when I insta died every time.
EDIT EDIT - It was probably just a dead body touching me every time, I’ve since let a few enemies wail on me and I only die if a corpse rag-dolls into me.


Happens to me just running around. Left out the back door of my house and fell through.
Buccaneer Bay down to Palace of the Witch Queen 7 deaths.


Im also getting the same message and dying when I touch the corpse of certain fallen enemies.
So far if I touch the corpse of bears and mammoths I get instant death. I’m going around now and testing for more. So basically if I try to harvest the bodies or if they die when they are near me and I touch the corpse hitbox as they die or when the body is lying on the ground, I die instantly. And then respawn with Killed by falling through the world. I dont have any issue with human enemies…yet! I am able to kill and harvest them like normal.
Playing offline single player on PS4.


I’ve also faced this. First time as I was entering some Skittering cave in the desert, then three times by the river while harvesting some Shalebacks. In three incident the message was “falling through the world”, but once it was “killed by poison”. These happened with PS4, offline single player. I’m afraid I cannot continue playing before this gets fixed :confused:

Game mode: Single-player, Offline

I have been killed instantly multiple times at three separate locations. The first deaths were located in the North part of the map anytime I tried to enter the Temple of Frost. I was never hit by the enemy Giants attacks, but anytime I went past the columns in the front of the Temple I would die and when respawned it read you “were killed by falling through the world”. A couple hours later I died again by the same means after looting a treasure chest inside the tower closest South of New Asagarth. I had disposed of the enemy’s before looting the chest. The tower contained three chest two wooden and the other iron. Lastly I was mining for brimstone at the Shattered Springs after swinging twice I was killed. After making the trek back to the springs I found and looted my corpse and tried swinging again at the brimstone and died after the first swing. All deaths said the same mentioned above and no enemies were near me when I was mining. I’m not sure what could have brought it on, this is my first time playing in a couple of months. Thank you for your answers in advance.

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@Ignasi @Hugo hey Gentlemen you need to see this thread and there’s another with a video. I can say I played coop yesterday and on my server this didn’t happen there

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Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and our team is currently looking into it.
Apologies for the frustration.


Game mode: [Offline| Singleplayer] PS4
Problem: [ Bug | Instant Death ]
Region: [US/North America]
So looks to be a common theme since the latest patch.
But anytime I try to harvest a Mammoth corpse, I die instantly as soon as I run into the corpse itself.
I then respawn with a message saying I was killed by falling through the world.
I was able to fight and kill the mammoth with my follower without any issue. It happens AS SOON as my body tries to enter the hitbox of the mammoths carcass.
I did not have any issue when I killed and harvested human thralls (YET!)
I am going to try kill and harvest other enemies to see what happens and add them to this post.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Kill a Mammoth
2.Step into corpse to harvest
3.Instantly died
4.Respawn with message saying “You were killed by falling through the world”

EDIT So Croms_Faithful found that if you activate Admin mode and leave it on, it may stop these buggy deaths fro happening.
I have turned on my Admin mode and no longer die for any reasons listed below. Give a try, hope it works for others.

Ok so I am finding that when my character steps into the body of large dead corpses, falling rock rubble and loot bags, I consistently die.
Its now happened when I step into mammoth, bear and rhino corpses.
Also when I harvest large rock formations, as soon as the entire rock gets it’s final hit and begins to collapse, if I walk into the collapsing rubble, I die instantly.
Ive also died when as I harvest a human corpse and the loot bag appears . If my character body is in the spot that the loot bag appears, I die instantly.
It’s as if when something meshes into my character, I die. Usually it’s large things like rock rubble and large dead enemies, but a few small loot bags will make me die as well, if they fall through me as soon as they appear and fall the the ground after I’ve harvested a corpse.
I am now finding that I will die when I try to enter certain dungeons or caves. So far I die trying to enter Temple of the Frost, The Archives and The Black Keep.

Steps to reproduce issue.

Example 1

  1. Find and harvest a large rock formation as big or bigger than my character.
  2. As soon as the rock formation collapses from final hit, walk into collapsing rubble.
  3. Character dies.
  4. Respawn with message “You were killed by falling through world”

Example 2.

  1. Find human enemy and kill.
  2. Harvest dead human with skinning knife.
  3. If loot bag appears and falls through my characters body, I die instantly
  4. Respawn with message “You were killed by falling through world”

Example 3

  1. Kill large enemy(Mammoth, Bear, Rhino, etc…)
  2. Walk into corpse to harvest body.
  3. Die as soon as I touch carcass.(Or I die if dying enemy body touches my character as it falls to ground)
  4. Respawn with message “You were killed by falling through world”

Example 4

  1. Drop enough loot to create a large loot bag next to you.
  2. Crouch and walk through the loot bag.
  3. Die Instantly.
  4. Respawn with message “You were killed by falling through world”

Example 5

  1. Go to Temple of the Frost
  2. Enter the temple
  3. Die immediately a bit after passing through the Temple opening at the top of stairs.
  4. Respawn with the message “You were killed by falling through the world”

Example 6

1.Go to the Unnamed City
2.Try to enter the Archives
3.Die immediately as you try to enter the Archives.
4.Respawn with the message “You were killed by falling through the world”

Example 7

  1. Go to The Black Keep
  2. Try to enter The Black Keep
  3. Die as you enter the main room that has the door portal to enter The Balck Keep.
  4. Respawn with the message “You were killed by falling through the world”

So far these are the ways I am having this issue. I will continue to add more examples as I find them.


So in the past day or so since the update occasionally getting hit, jumping, or mining instant slays the character or makes them fall through the world or one shot wipe. Then there is either no display message or it says: You were slain by falling through the world.

This is crazy, I’ve lost many many important things, what’s happening?
Esto es una locura, he perdido muchísimas cosas importantes, ¿que está pasando?

Anyone can understand it’s impossible to play in this way
Cualquiera puede entender que es imposible jugar así

Game mode: offline single player EU

Video shows problem and I could keep recreating these videos if need be.
Only been a problem since patch.


If the rock is larger than my character, then I die.

Having the same problem, I have 7 tombstones on the map, none of which I can get anywhere near before the world kills me.


It’s a big problem, can’t play the game as rocks kill you, dead animals can kill you and you can also fall out of world. Not worth losing all your stuff for so for now I wont be playing or I’ll just keep losing everything.

Hope it’s fixed soon. Only have 7 journey steps left

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I’m unable to recreate this issue on official server on PS4. Rocks were farmed near unnamed city north west side.

I have not tried unnamed city, but I could spend all day recreating the videos above, as long as the rock is larger than the character, you die. May not be happening to everyone, but since I posted my 3 posts about 3 different problems, there has been more from others, so it’s definitely happening, just seems your really lucky to not have a single problem

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I’m not trying to say it’s not happening. It’s just not happening on official servers. It just helps narrow down the issue for Funcom so they can focus on where the issue is and how to fix it. Seems to be a few issues that are just happening on solo.

:crossed_fingers: it’s fixed soon, I gave up online Conan a while ago, as it’s only me and my partner. because of all the cheaters glitching things and undermeshing bases its impossible for a 2 person clan, plus the blocking off and despawning resources and discoverable. I only play now with my partner on co-op. So if that breaks we without the game.


Died skinning a rhino

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