Death from Falling Through the World

Game mode: | Singleplayer]
Problem: Falling through the world Death
Region: [Here]

I cannot enter any cave (skittering hollow, cavern of fiends, etc.) without dying after a few steps in.

In combat, i kill either certain enemies or enough enemies and I randomly die as well (not from poison or bleed-we are talking full health to instant death).

In both cases, i respawn with the message “you were killed by falling through the world.”

Kinda stinks I cant get into certain areas or need to turn on admin rights to teleport back to my horse because I went into a cave.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to any cave…any at all as long as it is a cave or engage in combat
  2. Go into cave a bit or kill enough/certain enemies
  3. Die suddenly and without warning
  4. Respawn with “You were killed by falling through the world” message
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If you on single player just enable admin only way of winning with it till they fix it

Here’s the thing that ■■■■■■ me off…Can they please hire a competent tester before they release a patch…my playthrough was doing just fine before this last release…I have died like 5 times while falling through the world…what???...It is usually when I am harvesting a kill…I have tried multiple things to stop this from happening but this patch is obviously broken…what kills me is the devs should know this immediately after the patch goes live…and they should rectify it right away…or give us some communication at least…GAME BREAKING BUG!..PLEASE FIX IT!..UUUUGGGHHHH!

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Hey @Apol, welcome to the community!

The issue is known and will be addressed in the upcoming hotfix, which will be released as soon as possible, apologies for the frustration.

As Graham has mentioned, you may enable admin mode as a temporary workaround.

I appreciate the quick response and thank you but the issue happens even close to my base and has gotten worse…only a new patch will let me play further…when is the next patch going to be released?.. and just so you know, I love this game and don’t want to sound like a hater…but it is so frustrating…The game is amazing and so far ahead of other survival games in my honest opinion…it seems you guys try to be too great that it hurts the gameplay from a player standpoint…its the bugs that affect us…especially game breaking ones like falling through the world…this just shouldn’t happen…and again I am just stating my frustration…you are a premier gaming company and I love this game…just wish it was tested before released…that’s all…anyway I look forward to my playthrough going forward…thank you

It happens at the Black Galleon too. Underneath it at the cave with the ghost kills you instantly and the ship itself kills your randomly on the deck. Also NPCs are taking forever to spawn up there and when the do they are spawning invisible or without weapons for 30sec+ and if one walks into you while invisible you instant die.

Wasn’t this game supposed to be out of early access? Why does it feel like I’m still playtesting a broken beta that breaks further every patch?

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