Please, I beg you.. set a schedule for server restarts and/or server announcements

It’s not asking too much for a set schedule even if it is staggered for each server for the daily reset. Many other games do this and even give an announcement in game. It affects game play inside the server, and it’s just bad etiquette to restart ■■■■■-nilly whenever the IT guy gets back from his coffee break.

Please, please set a schedule, keep to it, and post it.

Edit: on a side note that is a hilarious censor.


Bumping this, I think it’s an important and easily solved issue.

Edit:I guess I am the only one that cares. Oh well, c’est la vie.

your are not there are just multiple posts about it.

I dont get why they cannot add a simple server note that pops up for everyone 20 mins before restart -.-

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