Poison and Bleed obsolete Heavy Armor?

Not sure why they would want to cut an entire armor class out of content .

gratz m8! u got the nerf u was looking for!!! so #1 is live!!!

a big thanks to PVP communitty for effective whining!

no further comments… i await for number 2. u achieved whine #1 and NERF#1

Thats just Great make it Even harder to kill the Damage Sponges in the game. Ö_Ö

You mean PvE or PvP?
If PvE then yes, they could improve pvp by rebalancing it (nerf bossess hp as they take too long to defeat and it becomes more of chore than actually fun)
If PvP then you have to be joking, it’s too easy to kill someone now, especially with bow.

We know about that patch for like 2 weeks now?
You should stop rely on information from ytbers and read patch notes as he does not show whole picture most of the time and it may be biased.

EDIT: I mention this, because it was posted way before this thread was made so it makes no sense to think it was caused by this thread.

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Like this: Conan Exiles - Daggers are viable - YouTube

the whine craze has driven me (and still does) way off the hours i used to play… if the game will continue this way i will seek refugee in private servers leaving official once and for all , and if the same thing will continue then i will eventually been driven away… the fact that he is driven i know , the patch notes r not concerning me anymore… it does not matters as it seems as no matter what the patch notes say , something new will be nerfed next time due to someone whinning about it…

The thread 100% pushed it go through (just to answer ur edit). just to make things clear i have nothing in personal with OP (or any other person that whined, suggested, or even cried about something i do not agree with)- he does well to express his/her opinion regardless if i agree or not.

what leads me away is the dev team insisting on nerfing things…(they seem to prefer the easy solution as well-cause probably why they should bother with deeper programming and fixing things when they can just patch up)? and this is disappointing from my perspective at least…

so well done to whoever love this change… 9 more to go

There was a reason I listed poison first on the title. Poison is the worst melting agent on players anyway given our max playable heath pool . The debuff easily is more powerful than weapon that is on and armor only mitigates weapon damage not debuff damage currently . Removing the debuff of poison currently adds another debuff of its own which allows poison to be reapplied to you easier next time.

Set Antidotes give debuffs?

violet Cureall

Religion items are already luke I wouldn’t want to make them any worse.

Ahhh this one, ofc. I always hated it when my clan made some after they went for the giant snakes to get demon blood.

The low stamina from the alcohol debuff is super bad.

We used Set Antidote only. Yes it is a bit more effort to farm, but it’s super good versus poison.

Yeah. Bad thing is poison is hard to come by and takes equal effort to obtain especially in Siptah…

Did you actually watch the video?
First off, many of us started discussing using armor class to moderate the FoT.
Secondly, The new balance pass is set up if you stay engaged you can still keep the stack damage up on PvR. Ie instead of stack and wait, you now have to attack 12s earlier, and thus the sponges will still DoT die. As fir the new weapons with bleed, yeah it makes since one should have to choose a weapon class to get desired effects. The ease at which to get the blood weapons and grey ones weapons made Every other weapon obsolete. Now they do add an extra bleed stack.

And 3rd, the fact you can’t stop a bleed with heal, but still heal thrubit makes since. Now bleed is part of the battle and not the easy button it was.

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Its a step in the right direction.

They may have tried other ways to balance bleed into attacks, but this may be easier coding solution than rewriting dmg code all together.

Also, it now separates from poison a little. Before they were 99% the same effect.

And both easily spamable on the same weapon(s).

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I’ve seen plenty of players from PVE complain about how bleed trivializes boss battles in the game.

I mean does anyone think it’s actually good design to be able to to easily cheese world bosses with a stone weapon?

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I guess people who want to crush content quickly would like it . Personally I want bosses to be difficult to best so that legendary weapons and recipes are trivial. With everything so easily farmed losses are or have become meaningless as a result on many servers.

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Combat games have DOTS. Bleed, poison, gas, acid, disease/rot, food poisoning, starvation from hunger or thirst - there are many other possibilities that have been present in other combat games (sorcery) and the Conan texts. Armor does not mitigate all of these effects.

We also have status affects that gimp - cripple and sunder - but we could have some that hamper attack ability (strength debuff), blind, deafen, etc. Should those be added? There are examples in the Conan texts.

Conan was paralyzed by a sorcerer, do you want to add that?

Bleed and poison are good things. More status effects might be interesting.