Pontavia (EU) PVE PC New Server

                                   Pontavia PVE (EU)

Hi there! After many adventures in Life is Feudal:Your Own, I and a loyal band of players decided to move to Conan Exiles and continue our adventures here.
We are hosting our brand new PVE server started 11-11-20. Pontavia is a relaxed server with active GM/Admins and a small friendly community. We are looking to expand our community and we welcome new and veteran players alike.

Pontavia has the following mods:

The Age of Calamitous
The Age of Calamitous: RP-add-on
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod-Revamped!
Thrall war dungeon mod
Immersive armour
Improved Quality of life
Remove Cursed Wall
The Dark woods
Glass constructions and more
Better thralls
300 level
Less building replacement restrictions
LBPR: Additional feature
LBPR & LBPROE fish and shell trap fix
Stack size plus
Unlock plus