Possible journey step bug - Use Explosive

Tried demon fire orb, explosive arrow and explosive trap. None are changing the step.

I will try a jar next to see if that is the only thing that completes it. Just out of supplies at the moment.

Edit: Jar completes the step. So I suggest the other explosives are also added to the step completion, or the step gets renamed to be jar specific.


Should have gone with the jar first.
The trap is needed to lure someone in the trap, thats another achievement.

But, are the other 3 items used not considered explosives? If just the jar works, then rename journey step to “Use an Explosive Jar”


Ok, I thought I was picky…
Usually if someone talks about explosives, its them bombs. Meaning jars. Oh and make sure to hit e on them instead of firing an arrow at them. I am not certain wether damaging the jar counts as using it.

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I totally agree it should be renamed because it has to be an Explosive Jar and it HAS to be manually triggered. You can’t shoot an arrow at it. I used Demon Fire, I used a Explosive Trap (thinking two for) and then I made a Explosive Jar and shot it with an arrow. None of that triggered the Journey Step.

You must use a jar from your inventory and manually go up press E to light the fuse and run away. No other method will trigger that step as complete.


I guess “use an explosive” could be interpreted different ways. Maybe their meaning was as a clue and we are meant to try all kinds of different ways to use one and experiment with all the different types of explosives. I guess so many other steps are so specific. Fire a trebuchet. Go to X place. But then they have vague ones like “eat a lasting meal” and a ton of choices complete the step. That is what makes this one seem like a bug, because it is so specific for what can complete it.

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Thanks for the feedback @sirvink
We’ll send a suggestion to our team to either rename the step or make it so other explosives do trigger it too.


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