Private server help

Setting up a private server and not sure what this means CanDamagePlayerOwnedStructuresPeriod?

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Pretty much what it says that allows pvp building damage. You can set times it is active.

its default setting is 120 minutes, this is aside from the building damage schedule which i know how to set up.

120 minutes (not sure how this goes into effect if it even does)

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I have not been one my gportal site for quite awhile not sure. My server is under pve-c with building damage turned off. So people can kill each other and not do building damage. Are you on ps4 pc or Xbox. I know there is several server owners on this site. Someone should have a answer for you.

@jobohobo can you help with this? Thanks in advance.

@Raven66 can you help with this thanks in advance.

Hi so im pretty sure this setting determines the period in which players can not damage other player owned structures after they have logged out.

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