Private server "lost connection to server"

So yesterday i got my very own private server at G-portal, played all evening everything went great.

So now, its morning, got nothing to do and wanted to play some conan on it.

…except the game says “lost connection with the server” within a minute if logging in…

Ping varies between 30 and 70.
Server CPU doesnt go higher than 7%
Server RAM usage neglible. (<1%)

Internet details; (according to my xbox)
Latency: 27 ms
packet loss: 1%
Down-speed: 43.56 Mbps
Up-speed: 25.37 Mbps
Wireless strength: 56%
MTU: 1460
NAT: Open

Restarted both console and server multiple times to no avail. Anyone that has any ideas on how to fix this? (imean not even 12 hours ago everything worked fine)

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