Private Un-modded PVE Conflict server 5/26 setup

Conan Total War PVE-C
Direct IP& Port Connection:
PVP: Enabled on weekends
Raiding: Currently off
Gathering: 2 x
Mods: None

Fresh server setup on 5/26. Small community looking for some players to pve or pvp with. As more people join we will get more slots and hopefully get some pvp teams setup.

My friends and I have currently stopped leveling and building on this server while we wait for the population to increase. Even though the setup date is 5/26, it is effectively a clean server with no structures. Feel free to join up.
We are looking to increase our clan a little and also get a rival clan in the server to have some friendly pvp with.

Contact DrwHem on Steam if interested so I know to start playing here again.