[NA][PC] [PVE-C] Conan Ttal War (Light PvP)

Server Name: Conan Total War (Light PvP)
Direct IP& Port Connection:

Setup Date 5/26
PVP: Weekends
Raiding: Disabled
Gathering: x2
No Mods and all other settings on default.

We are a group of friends who setup our own server with some unique rules:
PVP is optional and we have designated “safe zones” where PVE focused characters can still gather and grind on the weekends.
Currently player structure damage is turned off due to popular demand. At some point in the future we will turn on raiding for people who opt-in to the experience. Bases that are “marked” will be excluded from raiding. There will be no offline raiding.
We still like to do Pve stuff every now and then so there is always room to join us on boss grinds.

Contact DrwHem on steam or just direct connect to the server. Once we fill up our current slots we will buy more.