[NA] [PC] Conan Total War (Light PvP)


Server Name: Conan Total War (Light PvP)
Direct IP& Port Connection:

Setup Date 5/26
PVP on weekends
No structure damage (yet)
Gathering x2
No Mods and all other settings on default.

We have a casual PvP server setup. No greifing or blockading. As the server grows we will add more slots.
Based on feedback, we will gradually increase the PvP settings to enable more PvP time and potentially raiding.
Active admin that removes abandoned structures once decayed.

If you let us know that you have just connected to server for the first time then we will set gather rate at x5 and experience rate at x2 for an hour to help you get established.

Contact DrwHem on steam or just direct connect to the server.