Problem when DC'ed

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Asia]

It’s been the 3rd time I got dc’ed with this bug, when I joined back in I got teleported at DESERT with a message saying I just got killed by something, but I’m with ALL MY STUFFS, it’s like forcing me to WALK from the beginning to near snow biome where my exile lives if I were carrying expensive stuffs, that took about 15-20 minutes the last time I timed it. But I ever be in the same situation died but when I get back to base the body was nowhere to be found.

Also, I seldom encounter enemy npc attacking me when I’m at my base doing many things, but it’s just so happen that I often get killed by enemy npc when I got dc’ed which will lead to two things, if I join back in, I’ll get either one of the above happen. The second time probably happened because I joined back in too long and the loot despawned

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get close to an enemy at wherever your exile is and carry some stuffs in inventory.
  2. DC (turn off internet connection or alt-f4 probably will work too)
  3. Join back in.
  4. The exile will sometimes be teleported to DESERT with ALL STUFFS in inventory, not always. If I carry items that take too long to make I’ll spend 20 minutes RUNNING from desert to my base at near snow biome up northwest.