BUG. When I disconnect I appear in the dead desert

Game mode: [Online | MULTIPLAYER]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Europe)

[Good morning, I have been a victim of a BUG, last night I disconnected in my base about 02.00 pm and I connected at 11.00pm, I appeared in the desert without my objects and without indicating cause of death, my corpse did not appear on the map . Some administrator can check it and return my belongings.
The server is Official Server # 1058PVP-g-portal and the name of my character Sargon.
I hope for help, because because of a BUG I lost a lot of time in my life.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

You were in cold notrh ?
there is a bug that make you die by frost if you sleep in cold.

you have to sleep near a heat source

But it also happens in the vulcano, so extreme cold or heat makes You die :smiley: awesome, isn’t it

You were clearly killed and looted. Somebody has sneaked into your Base climbing or otherwise.

Tombstones dissapear after a certain time and if there was a server restart no wonder why you got no info on your death.

The game is too bugged and unbalanced right now to play on a pvp server. Death is too punishing and exploits discourage time investment in pvp servers.

I advice you to go to a pve conflict server. I did so and never looked back. If you are a solo player then do not think this twice.

If you make windows and don’t sleep with a mask, you can get gassed.

Thanks for answering partners. The base is in the JUNGLE, and is completely closed without windows, I think it is a BUG because the cause of death does not appear and my body does not appear to be able to recover my belongings. The base is in perfect condition, has not been attacked apart has not yet reached the time of the pvp, so it is impossible to be attacked. We are 3 friends at the base and the only one that has happened to such a BUG has been my character.