Problem with steering


I have a little problem. I am disabled with hands paresis and I only play all games with the mouse. In this game, the mouse rotates the camera and I have a problem with it. Can there be an update that gives you the option to change it in the menu options for rotation of the camera Q and E and walking characters in clicking the left mouse button or holding the left mouse button and have cursor on screen, and the flashlight assign to a key? This choice gives the game “Battle Chasers: Nightwar.” There you can change and walk to the keyboard or mouse and this option came with an update, after the players’ request. I really wanted to play this game and I’ve waited a long time for it, and now I can not play. I will be grateful for such an update.


PS. Sorry for my mistakes in english

Is there any chance to do this?

Hey! Sorry for the lack of response back in December.

At the moment it’s not possible to rebind the mouse in the way you describe. I will make the suggestion to the dev team, but I can’t promise that it’s a change that will be implemented.


Ok, thank you.