Steering horses with a mouse please!

I’ve found quite a few asks for this in other old posts, and I am going to ask again. For me, it’s an accessibility thing. I was born with only a partial left hand and pressing multiple awsd keys is difficult. I can kind of pull it off with the arrow keys, but it’s still uncomfortable and control with finese just doesn’t happen.

Please, please, please add mouse mount steering!

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Another option would be to add the ability to lock the camera to always look straight ahead so I can use my right hand and the arrow keys to maneuver the horse.

Many people have asked about this, right from the minute the mount update was released.
I don’t think it will ever happen.

It small consolation but the current method can become quite fun once you get used to it.

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Your probably right, but it’s only because not enough people have asked for the change. One more voice will help put a little more weight on the scale.

As for getting used to it, I physically can’t push more than one key at a time, unless they’re in specific arrangement. At the very least they need to allow players to map the mount controls to something different from the ui.

Nah, it was tons of people back when they released mounts, and it has been a recurrent request ever since. They haven’t even fixed the autorun for mounts yet. I agree with @droch-aon, it’s highly unlikely they’ll do this.

Party breaker once again in Action! :smile:

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