Mount movement needs to be fixed

Ok, I admit it. I don’t use wasd. I have been using the same mouse movement for 7 years on WOW. Other games don’t default to wasd for vehicles or mounts. Please fix this so that I can use the new mounts. right now they are useless to me.
Keyboard steering needs to use the same keybinds the player has set for their own movement; WASD should not be hard-coded as it is now.

Please no “you’re not a real gamer” comments. I hear it enough from my kids.


I was in that boat with you, mouse steering is ingrained to our very soul at this point.

However, the way mounted combat works in this game is dependent on this system.

So while I agree with you 100%

I suggest you give the WASD a chance, it’s awkward but fun once you get used to it.

I’ve tried. Even used some computer game wasd software. I think I am too old and too lazy. Who needs Horses anyway…

I’m in my 60’s

But I understand.

I just don’t think things will change regardless of how much we would wish it.

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Fair enough. Maybe just make it an option in the settings. We can send a man to Mars but can’t make this an option?

Can we? Hasn’t happened yet, so… if that’s your goal metric, you’ll be waiting a while for your option :wink:


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