Problems after patch 1.10

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [| Bug | Performance |]
Region: [EU]

Edit: brimstone node problem relates to an older bug with the Pickaxe tool.

But performance seems a good deal worse, which is the biggest issue with the game if you ask me, and given how little attention it’s received so far, I’m guessing you have no idea how to fix it. Please tell me I’m wrong.

Also textures not loading at all… my character looks like half formed clay ken doll.?

if you are on PC, you cannont use pickaxe on brimstone node.
Have you try another tool ?

Delete post edit mistake

i’m on ps4, but yes i was using the pickaxe.

Was this pickaxe bug on ps4 before now? Can someone confirm?

The pickaxe has never-ever worked on brimstone and people who have been playing since early access have been told countless times “it’s in the todo list” or “it’s fixed on the dev version”

I can’t even play on official servers. I have game crippling frame lag that may or may not go away after 30.minutes,its like it’s trying to load the entire server at once rather than the area I’m in.
Don’t have this issue on rented servers.
Still have the bad lag I was getting on kills. And Ives done and changed everything I can at home. Rest is up to funcom pulling out their finger and fixing the game to a playable status.