Problems with the in-game modlist (STEAM)

I’ve had the game since beta and never hade any problems with mods, but recently I moved the game to another drive and now the mods won’t show in the in-game list for me to use. I have confirmed the mods are subscribed on the Steam Workshop and the workshop folder in the new drive, the subfolders and .pak files are there as they should. Tried unsub-resub mods, verifying game files, lauching the game as admin, and nothing seems to work.

Any help at all is appreciated.

I was not aware of that file. Thanks.

I changed paths in the modlist file but the in-game list is still empty. But now every time I poke the game asks me to reset for mods to take effect, so this may be the way. I’ll keep throwing stuff at this particular wall and see what sticks.

Cheers, mate.

Thanks for the heads-up. I got it fixed after some fiddling and it was the most stupid thing (as always).

This new steam library is under some other folders, and one of these folders’ name had a special character in it. It sems it has completely boggled the engine that searches the path on the modlist.

The tip on the modlist file led me to that so many thanks, mate. Cheers.

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