Mod list doesn't match when it does?

I have 3 mods on my rented server and they were updated today. When I go to join the server I get the error that my mod list doesn’t match the server when it does. But everything runs fine with single player. I have been trying to troubleshoot this for a while now with no luck. Mod list matches up, I have restarted the server to update the mods. And I even had a chat with g-portal support and they had no clue since the order was right and the mods were updated to the current build. Am I the only one having this issue? And the game was running fine last night with the same mods when they were out of date.

How I would approach this

  1. Unsub from all mods, and ensure the workshop folder is empty of them.

  2. Resub to all mods

  3. Take the .pak files that are newly downloaded, and MANUALLY upload them to gportal using FTP.

Gportal does a mod update check once every 12 hours, or so I’ve been told. Often the issue is because of this giant stretch of time that mods go without auto downloading. Since so many mods are likely being updated due to the new patch, my guess is there is something off there. By manually downloading the exact pak files that you got from steam, you are ensuring that both your server and your computer are using the same thing.

Ok, thanks. I had to restart the server for the 3 that were updated today. So those should be right. I’m just waiting for a few more to be updated and one is yours. But I know you are busy and can wait. The less building restrictions one you do is one of my favorites.

My doggo received some good news today :slight_smile: I’m kind of in stand by and frequently interrupted, but I’m really crossing my fingers that he should feel better in a few days. And I also just happen to have LBPR open in the dev kit right now on my computer :slight_smile: Hopefully I can get all the LBPR’s done here soon.

Cool, I hope your dog gets better soon. I know how that can be.

I found the mod that wasn’t working. Apparently the Steam Workshop was to blame so I used FileZilla and did it manually and it worked fine after that. And your placement one still works with the new build.

I just updated LBPR, the base version. There was a small bug with walls where you couldn’t see the directions of inside or out. The other LBPRs will be done once I can get my poor doggo to be relaxed.

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