LBPR mod prevents game load

I have this issue: I have 4 mods, LBPR, TAG2, Better Thralls and Improved Quality of life, plus the modcontrolpanel forced on me by LBPR. LPBR blocks the game from loading. Tried a lot of things, like file verification and rearranging the mods; game runs fine w/o LBPR. Nothing has worked yet. Can someone help?
I don’t know computers very well. I don’t know how or where to correctly post. I apologize for that.

I use LBPR and IQOL for 2 different servers and have no issues. I checked and Better Thralls updated but Tag2 hasn’t updated since March. It may be that mod creating your issue or possibly a load order.

thank you, I will try removing tag.

Okay, I removed TAG 2 and the game runs, but ONLY if I clear download cache on Steam EVERY LAUNCH. This is beyond frustrating. What is wrong with this game??

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